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Yes, resume. You go through a series of applicants and screening the casual outings, dates etc. This is the person who can go without any of the fringe benefits that come with the serious relationship. Then there are others, such as myself, who are looking for what takes place after the first 90 days and are wondering what the long-term pension benefits and stock options will be. Yes, yes — of course, people embellish the resume dating or flat out lie, but just for the sake of you may be able to learn, why not give it a try? Received the Mom and Girlfriend of the Year Awards in for outstanding commitment and dedication. Mooch, liar or unfortunate case? F ck buddy off and on since March

Avoid any chance of age discrimination by eliminating graduation dates from your resume. When writing your resume you might wish to avoid questions about short stay positions, experience from long ago or exactly how long you have been in the workforce. Employers scrutinize a potential resume dating age, experience and the time spent at each former job before calling her in for an interview. Although it is never recommended that employment dates be completely omitted, if you know how to avoid making them a centerpiece of your resume you can place yourself in the best possible light.

Although it seems like common sense, having a rock-solid resume that includes all pertinent components is critical to landing your next job. Crafting an exceptional resume these days has the added challenge of attracting not only hiring managers but the software bots doing their upfront work. Everybody has a tip or two, and most are good when combined with wording that will make its way past the software screens. Before you start work on writing or updating your resume, review resume examples that fit a variety of employment situations. Then select a style and format that best highlights your strengths and achievements. Add your information to the resume template, then tweak it to highlight your skills and abilities.
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The world of dating was shaken this week. A young student showed everyone how to make a resume dating resume and drew attention to the fact that online dating is just not effective enough. It raised a question amongst people: Is online dating good enough? Creating a dating resume might sound a bit strange at first. Before even meeting them or knowing what show they like to binge-watch. You might be surprised how similar the content of professional and dating resume is. Before you approach your dream guy or a girl, you surely know why you like them so much. Do they like the same things you do? What are their values — why would they be interested in you?

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